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Water Damage Happens
Storms, pipe and appliance leaks, overflows bring damage to flooring, structure and furnishings. When it happens, PROMPT ACTION IS NEEDED.

Contemporary Carpet Care responds 24 hours a day, seven days a week to such emergencies.

We will extract water, manipulate the furniture and otherwise mitigate further loss.
We then set about drying the structure contents with appropriate equipment with a view of keeping loss and replacement to a minimum.

A prime concern is reducing the onset of mold amplification.

Contemporary Carpet Care has an adequate stock of airmovers, refrigerant dehumidifiers and HEPA air scrubbers to dry average losses. Where the damage is large, or there is significant wetting of walls and ceilings, we have a fleet of large Desiccant Dehumidifiers. These, and the trained techinicians who operate them, can significantly restore a building to safe moisture levels, cut drying time and keep costs down.

Prepare ahead of time. We invite you to meet with our team and allow us to develop an emergency strategy for your property.

What Sets Us Apart
There are literally hundreds of choices in the drying and disaster recovery industry. So why is Optimal Drying Systems really the optimal choice?

We are Home Grown: Unlike larger national companies, Optimal Drying Systems is headquartered right here in Florida. That allows us to have the fastest response time to any local emergency or need. In addition, we have strong ties to our community and are committed to utilizing other partners, to provide the most benefit to our hometown.

We are Compact. Being a small company makes us adaptable, personal, accessible and accountable. If you have ever worked with a national company, you know the frustration of having to wait for decisions from “corporate”. With Optimal Drying Systems, it is quick and easy to get decisions made. If something goes wrong, we, not some faceless supervisor, are accountable. That’s peace of mind. Being small does not make us less able though. We are networked and “plugged in” to a large number of both local and national companies, which enables us to quickly and efficiently expand out services as needed.

We are Savvy. Our years in the industry and many certifications and qualifications mean that we know the drying industry. We understand the protocol, insurance claims, technology and mechanics incumbent in each job.

Let us show you how Optimal Drying Systems, Inc is the best choice for your next job. You won’t be disappointed.



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